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Accurate reports of criminal acts should be promptly directed
to any of the following staff persons or agencies:

Tommy Wingler Ext. 8011
Director of Security (or officer in charge)

Alisa Lively Ext. 8441
Director of Residence Life (or RLC in charge)

Buckhannon Police 472-5723

When reported situations are considered to be a threat to students or staff, either due to seriousness of the activity or immediacy, a warning will be communicated via eMO, with appropriate staff follow-up.

Confidential anonymous reporting is encouraged, with appropriate investigation to follow. Contact Mike Kuba, Dir. of Counseling and Wellness Center (Ext. 8090)

The Campus Security Office is open on a 24-hour basis. Officers are in radio contact while patrolling, at Ext. 8011, and are in direct contact with emergency services through the county-wide Communications Center. Campus buildings are on a regular locking schedule. Residence hall doors are kept locked at all times; residents have door access codes for entrance. Visitors to residence halls are escorted. Physical Plant staff are identified and have access to campus buildings only as supervised employees. Courtesy phones are located outside all residence halls and emergency phones are available in the Middleton parking area and in selected campus locations.

The Security Office is located on the 1st floor of Rockefeller Center.