When will I receive my 1098T?

West Virginia Wesleyan College will mail a 1098T to the preferred mailing address of each student no later that January 31 each year.

What is a 1098T?
The 1098T tax form shows the amount billed in the form of tuition and fees as well as the scholarships disbursed to the student account during the tax year.

Can I get a duplicate 1098T?
Yes, by mid February all 1098Ts can be viewed and printed online by logging into Web Advisor and under the “Financial Information” section, select “View My 1098T Forms”.

What fees are included in the “tuition and fees”?
The fees included on this form are “General Fees” which are listed on your statement of account that you receive. They are the only fees that must be paid to the institution as a condition of enrollment to the school. All other charges such as room, board, books and other course fees are not reported on the 1098T.

Why does the 1098T not show what I have paid for the calendar year?

We report only the tuition and mandatory fees as well as scholarships disbursed to the student’s account.

Do international students receive the 1098T form?

West Virginia Wesleyan’s Office of Student Accounts will produce 1098-T forms for international students only if requested.  Presentation of a valid social security card or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is required. To determine if you are eligible for an educational tax credit as an international student, you should read IRS publication 970 and Form 8863, then contact a tax professional for tax advice. The Office of Student Accounts cannot determine if you qualify for a tax credit and is not permitted to give tax advice. The IRS website is www.irs.gov and can be reached at 1-800-829-1040.



It is not appropriate for the institution to provide tax advice, so we direct you and your families to take advantage of the many online IRS resources at www.irs.gov or for contact your local tax professional.